Greenwood Osterley Archers Frostbite Tournament 2015/2016

GOA's Frostbite Tournament is a team based handicap tournament run through the winter months (November to March) with one round per month, usually the first Saturday in the month. The Frostbite round comprises 36 arrows shot at 30 meters at an 80cm target face with metric scoring. The round is therefore suitable for everybody good or bad, old or young. Each competition lasts about 2 hours

In the Frostbite Round any bow type can be used, but the same bow type must be used for all rounds of the tournament.

Those wishing to take part are grouped into teams of 6/7 archers. The grouping attempts to create teams with the same overall skill level. Team score for the month is based on the handicap corrected top five scores made by team members. If less than five team members attend a particular round then a "bye" score is allocated so the team is not excessively penalised.

At the end of the tournament the winners are:

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Tournament Dates (Sighters at 10.00 am)

The Teams

Eric Wisby Joe Tapley Roy Hughes Charlie Freemantle
Marie Shaw Vcky Saumarez Bryan Mencias Richard Jennings
George Adams Ted Page Bernice Elaine Roust KIshan Shah
Angus Smith Eric Cassells Jamie Shaw Louise Adams Pirmpool
Elizabeth Pearce Michael Adams Cortes    

Tournament Results

November Results (14 November 2015)

December Results (5 December 2015)

January Results (3 January 2016)

February Results (7 February 2016)

March (Final) Results(7 March 2016)